Farine and Four

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Farine and Four is a bakery located in Omaha, NE. In consulting with the owner, we decided there was one main point we wanted to drive home as soon as you visit the page. That Farine and Four's food was fresh, organic, local when possible, and made with a high level of craftmanship. I wanted to match her extreme level of care and thoughtfulness with the layout and details of the site.

I chose a minimal, illustrative look that contrasts with the beautiful color photos the owner already had of her work. The effect is one of being engaging and attention-grabbing, without looking too much like every restaurant page template out there.

The owner already had well-designed brand marks, so I took them and animated them with javaScript code, to bring some life to the page. These little touches as you enter the site and scroll down the page create a sense of play that enhances the voice of the website.

Finally, I implemented two custom forms for customers to fill out, for wholesale and special orders. I worked with the owner to determine the basic information she needs to start the order process, and made a simple, easy to use questionnaire that delivers the customer's contact info and order straight to her email inbox.

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